Pixel is the new face of Google phone “Nexus” is axed out

As everyone knows, google has introduced new phone lineup Pixel & Pixel XL. It seem inevitable that Nexus will survive any longer.

Pixel is the face of google’s premier flagship line up, it’s a premium hardware with premium price. It is for the first time google has jumped into premium line of phones like apple and windows on their own. What we see from the current roadmap for the google’s phone line, it seems Nexus will not be the name we will hear in future.

Google’s official statement is that there are “No plans” for future Nexus devices.

Google is more focused on Pixel line up and it’s the next flagship phone series to give tough time to iPhone line up. Google is already downplaying the Nexus line up as the latest version of android on Pixel series is Nougat 7.1, whereas Nexus line is still in que for developers version.

One thing is more concerning is from the beginning google was supporting Android fellow companies by manufacturing Nexus line from various partners like HTC, Motorola, Huawei and Samsung. This is the first time google has jumped in with their own gun. This is direct competition to premium phones, made by Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei and other partners as well. On the other hand it’s googles way to show the world Android can compete on premium level with other OS.

For now, Google is arguing that “bang-for-your-buck” devices like the $400 OnePlus 3 and various phones from Xiaomi and Huawei still exist, and Android customers are free to buy them.

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