Women want to be look pretty when they go out. They want to carry most beautiful and stylish handbag to go out in the crowd. There are different brands with different variety of handbags or shoulder bags. Therefore, t becomes difficult to choose the best quality and best style bag to get yourself different from others. Quality of a bag is the most important feature for best selection.

Followings are the best handbag brands in 2016 worldwide

  1. Kate-Spade

This is an American brand. This brand has best leather quality and this is the main reason that this brand has high prices in the market. Its trendy look make this brand famous among the women who are crazy about brands. This stylish look and best quality gives this brand top position in the market

  1. Michael Kors

This is also an American brand. One of the oldest fashion designer brand which is most liked by women. Almost every women in the world want to carry this handbag brand. It has trendy and stylish look. And for this reason it is very costly in the market.

  1. Chanel

Chanel is the most leading fashionable brand because it’s much more reliable brand than other handbag brands. It has best quality therefore, more long lasting. This brand is mostly purchased by the celebrities. This brand not only produce handbags but they also produce cloth, shoes and perfumes etc.

  1. Coach

This is also one of the oldest handbag brand because this company brand was founded in 1941. This brand has charming look of handbags. Company produces different variety of colored handbags. Women carrying this brand of handbag look elegant. This brand is famous for producing number of different colors of handbags.

  1. Hermes

Hermes brand is the French company brand which produces stylish and trendy bags. The main feature of this brand is based on quality of leather. They use best quality of leather and the colors which they produce are very good that can be carried with all colors of dresses. This brand not only produces handbags but they also produce jacket for winter having exclusive look.

  1. Balenciaga

This brand was first founded in Spain and one of the most leading brand among handbag brands. Reasons behind leading brand are first they are stylish in look and second this is the only brand which provides expensive as well as affordable handbags. Quality of affordable handbags is also very good.

  1. Parade

This brand is the stylish and more fashionable. Parade brand provides variety of things including bridal clutches, shoes for women, men and children and trendy fashion handbags. This brand arises with innovative handbags and it also make jewelry with other accessories.

  1. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is the best known American fashion design brand. It created its own label and impressed the fashion world. Women carrying this brand of handbags look very decent, elegant and sober. The reason behind it is that this brand produces very decent colors of handbags with elegant look. This brand was founded in New York. It also produces perfumes, designer cloth, notch handbags, watches etc.

  1. Burberry

This brand is very expensive and one of the oldest brands in the market too. This brand launches luxurious bags every year according to the changing taste of the customers or women. Having luxurious handbags is the most beautiful accessories of women.

  1. Christian Dior

Quality of handbags of this brand is very good. This brand is well known as the famous name Dior. It is also one of the leading brand in the market. Women also like to have handbags of his brand. Handbags have stylish and trendy look that have a great impact on women personality.